I get it. Food and body stuff is COMPLICATED.

And I don’t just hear you- I’ve been there- years on the rollercoaster shame spiral, feeling like I could never have an easy relationship with food and like my body. 

I remember thinking,” I’d be unstoppable if I could only figure this out.”

One thing I was sure of, though, is that I wanted more. I had important shit I was meant to do! So I went to work. My journey led me out of my head and into my body and now I live a life I love in a body I’m damn proud of. I am not perfect. I have tough body image days. But my worth and awesomeness are no longer up for debate. I finally figured it out.  And now I specialize in helping other women figure it out as well.


I work with women who are fed up with declaring war on themselves and ready to create change in their lives. My approach is holistic, acceptance based, directive and comes from a feminist framework. You can expect big doses of compassion, humor and straight talk.

Because I’ve done the work myself, I am an expert at recognizing and untangling years (decades?) of self-sabotaging and have a knack for cutting through the cultural BS we so often get “fed.”


In our meetings, we get down to what the diet-restrict-binge-emotional eating cycle is really about, develop skills to use in and outside our meetings, create self-care and pleasure practices, tame your inner critic and talk about the life you want to be living. I believe in Health at Every Size and that it’s never too late to start living your fullest life

You and I are likely be a good match if one or more of these statements resonate with you:

·      You spend a lot of time each day thinking/obsessing about food- almost to the point of feeling addicted to it

·      You would NEVER dream of talking to a friend (or anyone) the way you talk to yourself in your own head

·      The number on the scale or your jeans has real power over your mood

·      You fantasize about what your life would be like when you’re FINALLY in the body of your dreams

·      You have “forbidden” or “trigger” foods that you avoid- only to secretly binge on them after “falling off the wagon”

·      You wake up with food hangovers, feeling pissed at yourself and out of control- only to immediately start planning your next diet

·      You’re waiting to lose that 20-100+lbs before dating, going to the beach, fill in a thousand blanks here

·      No matter how many diets you go on- the weight never stays off for long

·      You know there must be another way but don’t know where to start




Resume Stuff

·      Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

·      Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts (LMHC #9309)

·      Founder of Body Positive Asheville

·      Member of T.H.E. Center for Disordered Eating and Association for Size Diversity and Health


Food and body peace is not an urban legend. You can have a full life now. Let’s talk about how.










As We Let Our Own Light Shine, We Unconsciously Give Other People Permission To Do the Same
— Nelson Mandela