HOw to have a body positive holiday

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Thursday, December 8th   6:15-7:45


Join Jamie Earnhardt, a counselor and body positive coach in Asheville, and learn how to feel grounded, empowered and unapologetic around food and your body this holiday!


• Knowing what to do/say when *dear* Aunt Terry gives you the up and down and makes that unsolicited comment about your weight

• Eating & enjoying whatever the hell you want instead of sneaking, bingeing or depriving yourself

• Actually enjoying time with loved ones instead of fantasizing about them leaving so you can go primal on the dessert table

• Being part of the pictures and memory making instead of "going to bathroom" every time someone whips out a camera

• Putting you and your needs first (What?! YES.)

• Giving yourself permission to feel calm, say no, rock any outfit, savor the food and enjoy this holiday on your own terms

It's Possible. This Year. Unapologetic. You're Allowed.

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Women's Wellness and Education Center
24 Arlington Street, Asheville NC 28801